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We find the action

We are distinctly different than any other small-cap newsletter on the market. We scan the premarket every day looking for unusual heavy volume, and stocks that are up 50%+ on news. We post symbols via email, sms, and push notifications alerting you
to explosive opportunities in the market in real time.

How It Works

Long before the market opens, we use technical algorithms that alert you to the most active stocks. Once an alert is posted, you can start your research on the company and find out why the stock was alerted. We will send you a easy to follow report on the company and share with you the chart and technicals.

A powerful advantage

Our system is composed of proven analysis based on charting the stock and combining the support and resistance levels. Once we have identified a winning recipe, we will then notify you via email, sms, and push notifications. We are here to level the playing field offering you technology that has too often been reserved for large financial firms, hedge funds, and the Wall Street elite.

Explosive Gains

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