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Pandemic Testing Demand Outstripping Supply

With pandemic cases still surging across the U.S., the outbreak is severely threatening testing supplies.  In fact, according to Dr. Geoffrey Baird, who oversees CV-19 diagnostics at the University of Washington’s laboratory system, as quoted by NBC News,

“It’s unimaginably gigantic, the amount that we’re doing, but it’s still insufficient compared to the demand. Lowering demand is honestly the most effective way to address supply.”

Worse, according to The American Clinical Laboratory Association, members are already facing delays or cancellations on orders for clinical supplies.

In addition, demand for testing devices could outstrip supply for quite some time, says Roche CEO Severin Schwan.  “We still have little information about duration and efficacy of vaccines. So diagnostics will remain very important, not only for the months to come but the years to come,” he said, as quoted by Reuters.

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